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A unique approach to wearable colour

Are we sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful prince and a handsome princess, and they ruled their land as well as they could, in spite of the ogres thwarting their plans at every turn.  Their names were Barack and Michelle, and they were noble and generous, courageous and wise, kind and honest, and the ogres hated them.

One day, they crossed a great sea to visit a queen, whose name was Madge.  They knew their friend wore brooches, so they gave her a pretty green flower brooch.  Not big and expensive, from one country to another, but small and perfect, between friends.

One sad day, the prince and princess had to stop ruling their land, and an ogre was put in charge.  When the ogre came to visit Queen Madge, she wore her pretty green flower to show that, even faced with an ogre, nobility and generosity, courage and wisdom, kindness and honesty are far more important than lies, greed and fear.

And the moral of the story is - wear a brooch!