About Sylvia Valentine

My name is Sylvia Valentine, and I first fell in love with polymer clay when I saw the ranges of colours, and understood the possibilities. Then, discovering how light weight it is, the question was, how BIG could I make a set of beads for a necklace, without it becoming too uncomfortable to wear (or looking too weird).  I’m still trying to find the answer to that one!

Following online tutorials, attending clay weekends and classes, I am still amazed by the versatility of this medium and how it can reflect a different design ethic for every single artist who uses it. 

Contact Me

Please get in touch to discuss a new piece you would like me to create, if you would like to book on a course or would like to buy one of my pieces.

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The necklace is Melanie West‘s Travelling Necklace.  Earrings by Lindly Haunani.